About Us 
Ms. De Mattos, started her career in HR at the early age of twenty (20). Dedicated to her personal development and her desire to work with people, she committed herself to continuous improvement in her field. She pursued her MBA majoring in Human Resources and many other courses including Computer Studies, Marketing, Counseling, Industrial Relations, Taxation, Compensation and many other programs which she intended would complement her as an HR Professional. Twelve years later she took a big risk and decided to start her own firm, Isle Resources. The business opened its doors on 07th March 2006 and has since been gaining the reputation intended of being a »preferred employment partner«.
Though it may seem as though Isle Resources markets its services to primarily to employers, Isle Resources actually has a special commitment to employees or aspiring employees who are in search of jobs, helping them find the job »they« want and are »best suited« for (absolutely free of charge). Helping others get a new start, and offering coaching and guidance when needed is something that people really appreciate.
How does she describe herself: »I take my profession very seriously. Trust and loyalty is key to maintaining good working relationships. I like to think the services I provide can help others see the importance of this and help them to make their working environment a place where they can find fulfillment. Being able to get positive responses out of negative situations, is challenging and fulfilling to me. Remember, people are an employer's Human Capital, and the employer who recognizes this, will be better able to provide a healthy and productive working environment«.
Business Registration Information:

Certificate of Reg. # BN95-263
PAYE Employer #: E1366-00-2
NIS Employer #: 122347
Our client base is diverse and includes:
Small organizations with little or no experience of employment legislation or in the management of employment issues and seeking to establish policies and procedures compliant with legislation and good employment practice.
Expanding organizations with insufficient resources to manage the growing demands on their HR function and seeking external support from experienced HR service providers.
Newly established organizations requiring HR expertise to support their initial »start-up« and ongoing development.
Larger organizations seeking to outsource some or all of their HR services on the grounds of service improvement and / or cost reduction.
mobile: 868-374-9456   •   tele: 868-679-5030   •   tele/fax: 868-653-6142   •   e-mail: isle.resources@gmail.com
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