Isle Resources - Your preferred employment partner
Isle Resources established on 07th March 2006, is a provider of human resource consultancy and personnel management services to employers seeking to utilize an experienced HR service provider to support or deliver some or all aspects of their employee management functions.The firmīs Manager and Consultant, Ms. Sheena De Mattos, is a professional in her field and has over ten years HR experiences in the energy sector. Her desire for maintaining rewarding and harmonious working environments encouraged her to transform her ideas into a reality.
HR Consultancy ServicesRecruitment / Placement ServicesTax Assistance Services
  • HR Systems implementation
  • IR / Grievance Handling
  • In-house / on Call HR support
  • Displaced worker assistance
  • Payroll & Benefits
  • OSHA & legislation compliance
  • Customized Training workshops
  • Temporary / Permanent hires
  • Applicant screening / psychometric testing
  • Job advertising assistance
  • Individual tax return & TD1 filing
  • Business Registration
  • Statutory Tax reporting
  • mobile: 868-374-9456   •   tele: 868-679-5030   •   tele/fax: 868-653-6142   •   e-mail: isle.resources@gmail.com