Recruitment Services
Isle Resources, will source candidates in various fields for placement either on a temporary or permanent basis with you, our Clients.
Employment placements are described as:
  1. Permanent placements - full time job placement; Candidate becomes the employee of the Client and only a one time placement fee is paid by the Client to the Agent upon commencement of placement.
  2. Temporary placements -
    1. Intermittent - relatively short or intermittent job placements requested by Client on an as and when needed basis. Intermittent work assignments generally require Candidate to provide a variety of tasks that are not highly specialized in nature i.e. does not require extensive training by the Client.
    2. Term contract - job placements for a specific duration of time or term, usually for the purpose of completing a specified task or project for the Client. Such jobs generally require more skilled workers such as Technicians, Accountants, and Engineers etc… Contract work generally provides a continuous job assignment lasting 6-12 months but may be for a longer or shorter period of time.
    3. Outsourced - similar to the skilled term contract worker, though generally this occurs when a specialized job function within the Client's organization is handled by an external firm e.g. IT, research, marketing services etc… Agent directly employs the skilled workers and sub-contracts them to the Client at their request. Agent assumes responsibility for work monitoring controls and other employment liabilities, during the placement term.
The Benefits to Employers:
  • More time to run your own business.
  • Reduced expenses related to job advertising.
  • Reduced time trying to find the right employee.
  • Free availability to pool of pre-screened job candidates.
  • No upfront charges; pay only when you find the candidate you want.
  • Significantly lower Placement Rates than other providers.
  • Availability of »outsourced« placements for special project hiring.
  • Guaranteed permanent placements for up to three months.
  • Assurance that temporary and contract placements agreements comply with required legal and statutory obligations.
  • Reduced staff turnover.
The Benefits to Individuals:
  • Free placement services (we find temporary/permanent job opportunities for you).
  • Free pre-screening interviews (Mon - Sat). The assessment of competencies and understanding of the individual's career interests.
  • Coaching & guidance - resume preparation; interview do's & don'ts; information regarding further education/training opportunities; identifying strengths and weaknesses; understanding your self worth; importance of understanding human behavior in order to effectively communicate in the working environment; etc….
  • Sensitizing individuals of prospective client's working environment prior to job interviews.
  • Free advice regarding general employment practices and legal requirements.
  • Easy to complete application form can be submitted on line. Application Form Attached here .
mobile: 868-374-9456   •   tele: 868-679-5030   •   tele/fax: 868-653-6142   •   e-mail: isle.resources@gmail.com
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